Friday, October 29, 2004

Friday, October 29, 2004

Our weekend in Florida was even more fun than I expected it to be. We flew into Tampa on Friday night. John Driscoll had to work late, so he caught a slightly later flight. When we picked him up at the airport, the rest of us had been in Tampa just long enough to plan the prank we played on him. When John arrived, three of Crystal Hunt’s teenaged friends (who had been given their assignments and had been coached for a good half hour) jumped out at him and screamed "Oh my God! Aren’t you Sandy on Guiding Light?!" which we thought was hysterical because he really plays Coop. *Tee hee*

Then the girls kept screaming and fussing over him, until finally one of them pulled out a pair of panties- a thong to be exact- and asked him to sign them. John flipped out; he didn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, of course, the rest of us were cracking up. It was good fun. And we caught the whole thing on tape!

After we left the airport, we headed straight for some food. We were starving. We went to a 24-hour diner, singing country music at the top of our lungs along the way. We devoured our food and got back to Crystal’s house by 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning. Crystal and I woke up on Saturday morning around 7:30, and we cooked a full breakfast for everyone: pancakes, sausage, and bacon. Yummy! Following breakfast, Crystal said she had a surprise for us. She blindfolded us, put us in her Hummer H2, and drove us to the surprise. It turned out to be her uncle’s yard, where a helicopter was waiting to take us for a flight over Clearwater Beach and Tampa. Needless to say, we had the best time. Crystal sat in the front of the helicopter with her Uncle Billy, and Tom Pelphrey, John, (my boyfriend) Jason and I sat in the back, admiring the views.

On Saturday night we hopped on a party bus and headed to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. We had a blast. In exchange for posing for a few pictures for Universal’s camera crew, our group of nineteen was given two VIP escorts who took us from one haunted house to the next, and we never once had to wait in a line. I felt like such a star. The haunted houses really were scary. There were seven or so of those, and we also got to go on a few rides. The Hulk (a roller coaster) was the best! We rode it twice in a row.

On Sunday we had a nice beach day. The weather was absolutely perfect. It made me sort of sad to have to leave and head back to New York’s cooler weather on Monday. There were a few "Guiding Light" fans on the plane heading back to NY. As soon as we stepped on the plane, in fact, one of the flight attendants recognized us. There was an older woman, too, seated next to Tom, who claims to be addicted to the show. She was so excited to meet us. It was very cute.

I just finished taping my last scenes for this week; I felt like they went really well. I ’m getting to work on some great material these days. I’m totally living my dream. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I don’t know what to do with myself on days like today when I don’t have to be at work. I have plenty of homework to do for school, but of course I’m the world’s greatest procrastinator. I have a Shakespeare midterm tonight. It shouldn’t be too difficult; the professor just wants to make sure we’ve kept up with the reading.

I only have work on Friday this week. After work I’ll be getting on a plane and heading for Tampa, FL. My boyfriend Jason and I are going to Florida along with a few of my friends from work (Crystal Hunt, Tom Pelphrey, and John Driscoll) for a long weekend. We’re going to stay at Crystal’s house, and on Saturday night we’ve got tickets to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. I’m so excited. It’ll be like a mini-vacation, which I really feel like I could use. And I love, love, love haunted houses!

Yesterday was the annual fund-raising luncheon for Animal Haven, the shelter from which I adopted my dog, ChiChi, and where I volunteer to walk dogs when I can. A bunch of their adoptable animals were there, and I (and some other Guiding Light cast members that came along) showed some of the dogs off in hopes that they might get adopted. All the animals were so cute. If I didn’t live in a tiny apartment in the city, I’d want to adopt all of them!

Ok, I really should study a little bit more. But I just have to mention one of my favorite Ellen Degeneres quotes: “Don’t wait! Start procrastinating NOW!”

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Friday, October 15, 2004

Friday, October 15, 2004

The weekend was as crazy and fun as I expected it to be. It was like one long party. It was really cool to not only spend the weekend with my co-workers/friends, but also to get to meet hundreds of eager “Guiding Light” fans. The whole idea that I and the show I work on have fans, is still wild to me. I met people over the weekend who knew things about me that I didn’t know they could know! For instance, one woman gave me a gift bag filled with my favorite candy, “Swedish Fish.” She had read an article in a soap opera magazine that said I loved them, and she gave them to me! It was the sweetest thing, and just one of the many reminders this weekend that what I do every day at work is reaching millions of people and touching their lives every day.

This week has been a relatively restful one. Monday was a holiday, so there was no school, and I was able to just relax and recuperate from the busy weekend. Last night I played hooky from school (I figured I could get away with it this once… I’ve never missed a class!). The entire cast and much of the crew went out in celebration of Grant Alexander, my cast-mate. Yesterday was his last day of work on “ Guiding Light”, after twenty-some years of being on and off the show. He’s an awesome actor, and everyone loves him and is going to miss him like crazy; so, in his honor, we partied hard!

After Grant’s party, I came home and headed straight for bed. Despite being asleep by about midnight, I felt like a walking zombie this morning when I went into work at 7am. I felt awake just in time to shoot my scenes at 9am, having practically slept through the morning dry rehearsal and getting my hair and make-up done . Given how tired I was, the scenes went really well.

Tonight my mom and her good friend are coming to New York. They’ll accompany me to work tomorrow. My mom is now, of course, a huge “Guiding Light” fan, and she loves to visit the set with me. I’m looking forward to it and to another weekend.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday October 8, 2004

I’m looking forward to this weekend. I call it "Fan Weekend," because it’s filled with events that are catered towards entertaining "Guiding Light" fans. Those of us who are actors on the show attend all the events and mingle with fans and whatnot. There’s a dinner party tonight, tomorrow there’ll be a cruise around Manhattan, a bowling fundraiser, and a few concerts, and the weekend will be capped off by the annual Guiding Light Fan Club Luncheon on Sunday. Basically, the weekend will be one long party.

I spent all morning figuring out what to wear to each event. I’m a total clothes horse, so any excuse to dress up is fun for me. I splurged on a dress for the dinner party tonight. It’s a Rebecca Taylor vintage-looking dress that I absolutely love and spent way too much money on. But it still needs a purse. Looks like I’ll be doing some shopping today!

On another note, my brother Andrew called Mom from Uzbekistan yesterday. He’s in the Army, 82Nd Airborne Division, and after moving to his dream base in Hawaii, he was promptly shipped off to Afghanistan. He was there for a few months and then relocated to Uzbekistan. While I still worry about him constantly, I feel that he’s at least a little bit safer where he is now, although he did report being about a hundred feet away from a rocket attack not long ago. Anyway, it was so nice to know that he called and is doing alright.

Andrew told me that the Army gets two TV channels overseas, and on one of them they show "Guiding Light" every day. So all the soldiers watch, and Andrew brags about me to his friends. I just think it’s cool that he gets to watch me every week while he’s over there. It’s a nice little connection to home for him.

More later…. it’s time to walk the dog….

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Last night I sat in my Shakespeare class at Marymount Manhattan College and, as we discussed "The Life of Henry VI," I had to giggle inside. It had been a crazy day for me. I had shown up for work at 7am. I’m an actress on a soap opera, "Guiding Light," and the workday always starts at the crack of dawn.

Yesterday’s shoot was particularly amusing, to say the least. The things I find myself doing, the scenes my character was a part of, actually made my real life seem so boring. The first half of the day involved wearing a stripper costume (a nice, tacky yellow number with platform high heels) and swinging around on a pole. "What a crazy way to start my morning," I thought, as it also dawned on me that... oh no... my grandmother watches this show!

Oh well, I decided I might as well have fun with it anyway. After lunch, I, as my " alter-ego", Tammy (now in normal clothing), had to be standing on a dock, on the verge of suicide. What a switch from the morning’s activities!

After all the scenes were shot, I hurried home to walk the dog and rushed to my Shakespeare class. I was only ten minutes late. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking, as we referred to various sonnets and watched a BBC version of "A Midsummer Night’s Dream," that only a few hours before I was playing stripper and jumping off of a "dock" into imaginary water.

What a strange day.