Friday, February 11, 2005


For anyone who might be interested, I now have an official website up at . It opened earlier this week, and I invite everyone to check it out. Let me know what you think; any ideas or thoughts I can get would be awesome. I’m happy with it. I had just been thinking that it’d be a good idea to have something available for fans of “Guiding Light” to check out if they’re interested. The girls who designed the site are fans of the show, and they’ve done sites for other cast members. I think they do a great job. (Thanks Jamie and Jen!!)

I got to preview the site a couple weeks ago. The coolest part for me was to look through all the photo galleries; it was like a walk down memory lane. There’s a section of “screen shots” from “Guiding Light” episodes that go all the way back to the beginning of my time on the show. It was really cool for me to go through and look back at all that my character has been through in the past couple of years.

I told my boyfriend, Jason, that the site had opened and that there were message boards dedicated to me and my character on “Guiding Light.” He giggled mischievously and said that he intends to go on the message boards and write about me. He said, “I’m gonna be that annoying guy… ha ha ha.” So anyhoo, if anyone happens to notice a crazy poster on my message boards, just be crazy back to him. It’s just Jason!

Saw a movie the other night that had a really big impact on me: “Hotel Rwanda.” It’s about a guy who runs a hotel in Rwanda during the Hutu/Tutsi conflict in the early nineties. He harbors around twelve hundred refugees, trying to keep them safe from the genocide that’s going on all over Rwanda. The film is a powerful one that I found educational and thought-provoking. I recommend it, although you must beware that it will put you in a somber mood for the rest of the day. But I think it’s worth it.

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Daytime Emmy’s voting process for the first time. Everyone who is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (whoa, that’s a mouthful!) can spend the day tomorrow viewing tapes for different categories, and rating them. The results of the day will produce the official nominees for this year’s Daytime Emmy’s. Fun, fun, fun!

Then it will be off to Philadelphia for the rest of the weekend. Jason and I will have to have our special Valentine’s Day dinner early because I’ve got to be back in New York on Monday night for class. By the way, my classes this semester are great so far. I’m really excited about them. I’m taking “Independent Film Impact” and “Film & Literature.” I’ll be watching a lot of movies this semester.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to urge everyone to spread some love. And for those without a significant other, don’t worry; the holiday is equally yours - there are lots of kinds of love, so spread it to your friends and family, too! The cutest idea for a Valentine’s Day celebration I’ve ever heard of came from my old favorite TV show, “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Dylan told Brenda that he had a surprise for her. His hints about the surprise were, “There’s red involved, we’ll both be on a bed, and you’ve never done it before.” He took her to the Red Cross and they both donated blood together. It was definitely a surprise to Brenda, and it was a great idea on Dylan’s part. So if you’re out of other ideas, I say do the Brenda and Dylan thing; it’s an important thing to do anyway, why not make it romantic, too?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

FEBRUARY 2, 2005

My trip to Paris was absolutely incredible. It is such a beautiful city. My mom and I had a great time. Everywhere we went, everything was so pretty and so full of history. We squeezed a lot in to our seven day trip, and yet we never felt overwhelmed; it was still nice and relaxing. We stayed in the Saint Germain area, a perfectly located neighborhood that was adorable.

On our first night in Paris, we took the metro to the Arc de Triomphe and walked along the Champs Elysees. Then we wandered down a winding side-street and discovered a very nice French restaurant (fairly free of tourists), and had a really yummy meal. After that, we found our way to the Eiffel Tower, across the street from which was a carousel. We rode the carousel and admired the Eiffel Tower. At midnight we were standing directly underneath the structure, looking up. Suddenly, the whole thing started to shimmer with these bright sparkly lights that were all over it. It was a magical moment; so beautiful.

The rest of the week was spent visiting museums (like the Musee D’Orsay, the Centre Pompidou, Musee Marmittan, etc.), checking out the flea markets, and eating out. We also did a ton of walking. We must have covered the majority of Parisian streets on foot, which was great because we were able to see and discover so many cute streets and neighborhoods.
Of course, we also shopped a little too much. I found a beautiful Christian Lacroix gown that I just couldn’t resist. I suppose I’ll wear it to the Daytime Emmy’s this year. It was a total splurge, and an impulse buy, but I love it.

I got to practice my minimal French speaking skills during the trip. That was pretty cool. I learned some new important words and phrases, and re-learned a lot of the vocabulary I was taught in high school French class. I learned that if I ask a question too well, though (pronounce something a little too well, or just really sound like I know what I’m saying), that the problem becomes understanding an equally fast, fancy response. So, while I tried to say everything correctly, I decided it’s best to ask questions slowly, so that their answers would be slow and understandable as well.

My mom and I flew back into Philadelphia in the middle of a snow storm, which was quite the adventure. But we made it safely, and now life continues on as usual. I’ve been working at "Guiding Light" (where, yesterday, we had the coolest Spanish fiesta to celebrate Kim Zimmer’s 50th birthday), and I started school again on Monday. Today is my day off, so I’m trying to get as many random errands accomplished as I possibly can. I need to do laundry so desperately; I should stop writing and get to it!!