Friday, July 22, 2005


Just like the song, I’m feelin’ hot, hot, hot!! It’s been so hot this week, it’s almost unbearable. The humidity is what makes it so bad. 95 degrees with humidity is crazy! I’ve tried not to let it keep me indoors entirely, though. Last Saturday, Jason and I, (along with (fellow GL blogger) John Driscoll and his girlfriend), rented a car and drove upstate to Stony Brook, NY to see Tom Pelphrey’s (Jonathan) play, “The Subject Was Roses.” It was at an adorable barn theatre, and the play itself was fantastic. It’s the type of play that studies interesting characters and their complicated relationships with one another. In other words, it’s more about people than plot, and I think some of the best stories are like that. A bunch of other people from the "Guiding Light" cast were there to see the show, too, including Crystal Hunt (Lizzie), Scott Bailey (Sandy) and Ricky-Paull Goldin (Gus).

After the show, Jason and I, and John and Sarah, went to a carnival down the road from the theatre. There were a handful of rides and games, and there was funnel cake!! It was good old-fashioned fun, and a great way to end a summer night with friends.

Earlier in the day, Jason and I had adopted a little kitten that we’ve since named “May” (short for “Mayhem”). She’s three months old, all gray, with grayish eyes. She had been homeless (a shelter worker found a group of kittens at a bodega in Brooklyn), and she’s missing the front half of her chin. The women at the shelter guessed that she’d cut her chin eating out of metal cans with sharp edges. Poor baby! But it’s so cute. It kinda looks like she’s always sticking her tongue out, even though she’s not; it’s just the hairless skin under her jaw.

So now the apartment is a zoo. In a good way. We’ve got my little dog, and two cats now. But I love having animals around. And luckily they all get along with each other!

Despite the heat, I got out into Central Park a few days ago. Some of my college friends and I had a picnic on the Great Lawn while the philharmonic played a free concert. It was lovely. It’s one of those things that makes New York City so incredible. On a hot summer night, thousands of people were out picnicking and listening to classical music together. I loved it.

So, even though it’s hot and sticky, I’m still loving summer in the city!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I had a long day at work today. I was there from 7am until just after 7pm. Of course, I can’t complain. Now I’m off from work until next week! That’s the thing about working on a soap- the schedule can be grueling sometimes, but light and easy sometimes, too.

I had a great 4th of July Weekend. It was really quite perfect. I was home in Philadelphia for a couple of days. I was there for the Live 8 concert on the 3rd. That was amazing. There were a ton of people crowding one of Philly’s main streets, watching all the musicians perform. It was really exciting. My friends and I got fairly close to the stage at one point, but not too close. It was so crowded.

The next day, Sunday, Jason and I and two of our friends drove to Howell, NJ to go a barbeque at Tom Pelphrey’s (Jonathan) friend’s house. It wouldn’t be 4th of July without a good barbeque! And it was fun. There was food and music and a swimming pool and grown people playing “dizzy bat.” Good old-fashioned fun. We spent the night at Tom’s house (the house where he grew up), and drove a short way to Bradley Beach on Monday. The beach is totally my happy place, so being there on the 4th was perfect. The weather was amazing, and I was with good friends. Jason and I hopped on a bus back to New York in the evening. We were walking home from the bus station just in time to catch the fireworks display over the East River. I love fireworks. They really completed an awesome weekend.

This past weekend was really relaxing. I was pretty lazy for most of it, I must admit. I slept a lot, baked chocolate chip cookies, and watched a bunch of TV. Jason and I saw “The Fantastic Four,” and I gotta say that I was disappointed with it. Oh, well. I’m extremely excited for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” which opens this Friday. I hope it’s good!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I spent last weekend on the West Coast in L.A. I was flown out to shoot an episode of "Soap Talk," a talk show on the cable channel SoapNet. Since I was willing to fly coach, "Soap Talk" paid for Jason to join me on the trip. It was his first time in L.A., and it was really interesting to see his reaction to it. We drove 45 minutes from the airport to our hotel, and when we got to the hotel, Jason said, “So where’s all the cool stuff?” See, we hadn’t really seen much along the way other than freeways. So I explained to him that everything’s really spread out in L.A. The cool stuff is spread apart over a large area. It turned out, Jason was looking for the city.

“This isn’t a city,” he said.

I told him that, yes, it is a city, it’s just not urban the way NYC is. It’s a driving city, a more suburban type of atmosphere. I think he was confused by that, coming from the east coast and cities like New York and Philadelphia. It was cute.

Our hotel was located on Hollywood Blvd., on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with a great view of the famous Hollywood sign outside our window. I had a great experience on "Soap Talk" on Saturday afternoon. I chatted with the hosts about my life and my work on "Guiding Light." (The episode will air on SoapNet on August 30th, so be sure to check it out!)

I was back at the hotel by mid-afternoon. Jason and I had a reservation for dinner at Gladstone’s 4 Fish, a seafood restaurant that’s right on the beach at Sunset Blvd. and the Pacific Coast Highway. We ate on the deck, looking out over the ocean, and the timing worked out such that we were enjoying dessert at sunset. It was perfect! After dinner, we went to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, which I love. It’s several blocks, closed off to traffic, lined with shops and restaurants. Street performers are abundant there, too, which really adds to the fun.

Before heading back to NY on Sunday afternoon, Jason and I went to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum in Hollywood. It was cool. We got back to the East Coast late Sunday night, just in time to return to work Monday morning. As fun as L.A. can be for a weekend, I’m really an East Coast kinda girl.