Friday, July 22, 2005


Just like the song, I’m feelin’ hot, hot, hot!! It’s been so hot this week, it’s almost unbearable. The humidity is what makes it so bad. 95 degrees with humidity is crazy! I’ve tried not to let it keep me indoors entirely, though. Last Saturday, Jason and I, (along with (fellow GL blogger) John Driscoll and his girlfriend), rented a car and drove upstate to Stony Brook, NY to see Tom Pelphrey’s (Jonathan) play, “The Subject Was Roses.” It was at an adorable barn theatre, and the play itself was fantastic. It’s the type of play that studies interesting characters and their complicated relationships with one another. In other words, it’s more about people than plot, and I think some of the best stories are like that. A bunch of other people from the "Guiding Light" cast were there to see the show, too, including Crystal Hunt (Lizzie), Scott Bailey (Sandy) and Ricky-Paull Goldin (Gus).

After the show, Jason and I, and John and Sarah, went to a carnival down the road from the theatre. There were a handful of rides and games, and there was funnel cake!! It was good old-fashioned fun, and a great way to end a summer night with friends.

Earlier in the day, Jason and I had adopted a little kitten that we’ve since named “May” (short for “Mayhem”). She’s three months old, all gray, with grayish eyes. She had been homeless (a shelter worker found a group of kittens at a bodega in Brooklyn), and she’s missing the front half of her chin. The women at the shelter guessed that she’d cut her chin eating out of metal cans with sharp edges. Poor baby! But it’s so cute. It kinda looks like she’s always sticking her tongue out, even though she’s not; it’s just the hairless skin under her jaw.

So now the apartment is a zoo. In a good way. We’ve got my little dog, and two cats now. But I love having animals around. And luckily they all get along with each other!

Despite the heat, I got out into Central Park a few days ago. Some of my college friends and I had a picnic on the Great Lawn while the philharmonic played a free concert. It was lovely. It’s one of those things that makes New York City so incredible. On a hot summer night, thousands of people were out picnicking and listening to classical music together. I loved it.

So, even though it’s hot and sticky, I’m still loving summer in the city!


Blogger CandiceMack said...

Hey Steph,it's Candice here,we have met before at the softball game and the end of the Ricky/Michael singathon (lol)I was the girl you said liked my shirt.Anyway back in Baltimore,it has been very hot too so hot that I wait til 9 or 10 at night to go out which is good because I am a night owl.Anyway I wanted to say that I have enjoy watching Tammy deal with her feelings for Sandy and Jonathan personally I think Jammy will win lol.I also wanted to tell you that my best friends Rell,Court and myself will be attending the St Jude and GL weekend..which means I am going to bowl as well I am the only one out of the group who is not nervous (yet)cant wait to see you there.Much love and happiness.

July 23, 2005 at 9:11 PM  
Blogger Mannygal said...

I believe Tom's play is in the town of Stony Point,N.Y. in Rockland County for those who want to see him.

July 24, 2005 at 8:28 PM  
Blogger Susan1975 said...

Hello Stephanie,
My husband and I just came home from a visit to New York yesterday (7/24). Needless to say we loved every minute of it. We live in central PA, so when we can we love to go to the city (which isn;t much with a new baby). It was a great weekend. I had an eye out for any GL cast, but didn't see anyone familiar. Is GL taped in the city or did the studio move? Anyhow, I can see why you love living in the city.

July 25, 2005 at 5:39 AM  
Blogger Samantha J said...

Hey Stephanie! Just wanted to tell you how much I love your scenes on GL. You are doing a great job. I can't wait to move to the City... I'm from Pittsburgh and have 3 more years of college then I'm moving to NYC to be a teacher... I can't wait. Also I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find that large gold necklace that you having been wearing on the show recently... I love it! So if you could tell me that would be awesome!! Thanks Steph! Enjoy the city!
Samantha Milton
AIM Screename RmntcDream03

July 26, 2005 at 4:12 PM  
Blogger SamanthaJoelle said...

Hey Stephanie! I just wanted to tell you that i love your scenes on GL. I can't wait to move to the city. I'm from Pittsburgh, but i want to move there after I finish college (3years) to be a teacher... Oh yeah, I love that necklace that you have been wearing on the show ( The large gold heart one)... Could you tell me wear I could find one?? I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks a bunch!

AIM Screen name RmntcDream03

July 26, 2005 at 4:32 PM  
Blogger A Girl's Gotta said...

The scenes between Tammy and Jonathan have been so great! You and Tom make me not care that Jammy are cousins - I want them together anyway. Well maybe not a RELATIONSHIP because I guess that could be a little awkward - but some forbidden romance could be really entertaining. When Jammy finally kissed last week, my friend and I nearly jumped off the couch! We were like "YES!... wait, is it wrong that we want them together?!" But hey - it's fiction. And besides - Jammy are fairly DISTANT cousins since Reva and Cassie are only half sisters, right? Works for me! :-)

August 1, 2005 at 12:40 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Hey Steph! I am chronically behind in my posting, but have still been reading and enjoying what you have to say!

I was in NYC a few weeks back. I had gone up to NJ for a wedding and then made a day trip into NYC. Hot and sticky is right! Whew! But it was fun as always!

Your storyline just gets better and better. I really enjoy your chemistry with Tom but it is so weird b/c of the whole cousin thing. I keep trying to think how it could work out that they are not cousins....but it is a soap, after all!

Anyway, I have to run, but look forward to reading your next blog and before we know it, it will be October and I'll see you in NYC!

August 2, 2005 at 7:55 AM  

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