Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Wow, I’ve been a busy bee. I love it. Life is so much more exciting when there’s a lot going on! Work at Guiding Light has been occupying most of my time. I’ve had a lot of material to shoot over the last week or two, and it’s continuing to stay busy. We’re getting ready to move to a new studio in early September, so in preparation for a week off, we’re shooting extra episodes this month. That means that on many days we end up shooting scenes from two or more episodes.

Last Thursday was supposed to be a full day for me. I was a bit stressed out because I had nine scenes to shoot, most of which were difficult scenes that I knew I’d need to be crying through. However, we ended up having the strangest thing happen. A thermometer broke on one of our sets, the one where most of my scenes were supposed to take place. There was mercury all over the floor, and a haz-mat crew and the fire department were called in to clean it up and test the air for poisonous fumes. It became a really big deal, actually. Those of us who were on the sixth floor of our building, where the sets are, were basically quarantined and not allowed to leave the floor until we got the ok from the crew.

Meanwhile, the press was called. So we talked to reporters from TV and newspapers about all of the excitement. For two and a half hours, shooting was suspended. That’s a long time, considering we shoot entire episodes daily! In the end, we were advised not to use the contaminated set for 24 hours, just to be safe. Normally I would have felt a little relieved because I’d have more time to work on the tough scenes, which we’d now shoot another day. But when the announcement came that we’d be shooting those scenes the next day, I was anything but relieved. I was already scheduled to shoot two full episodes of really difficult material, and now it’d be three full episodes.

Sometimes my friends tease me and say that what we do on soaps is not really work, so much as it is play. And much of the time I feel like, even though our jobs are not easy, we do get to have a lot of fun. However, on a day like last Friday, when I had like fifteen scenes that I’d prepared in one night, that I was going to need to convincingly play in the course of a few short hours, my work was not easy. It’s days like that when you realize the hard work that’s really involved in daytime. Luckily, the day went really well. I concentrated on little pieces of my script at a time, and left the day feeling really good about how it all turned out.

This week and next are going to be really busy, too, with more pre-taping of episodes and whatnot. But, like I said, I love being busy!

I registered for school last week. I had put it off for a while, but finally I got my butt up to school and got it all taken care of. Classes start right after Labor Day. I registered for two classes (which I’ve discovered, through trial and error, is the most I can handle while working so much on Guiding Light.) On Tuesday nights I’ll be taking Victorian Literature, a course that counts towards my major in English. On Wednesdays (as long as I’m granted permission to over-tally into a full class), I’ll be taking Images of World War II, which fulfills one of many core requirements.

Since I didn’t take any summer classes this year, I’ve had just enough time away from school to get excited about going back. I got a new book bag, and I got my books. I’m all set now. And I’ve promised myself that, this semester, I’m going to work on not procrastinating so much. It’s such a bad habit of mine, and I realize that life would be so much easier for me during the semester if I just never put things off until the last minute. Wish me luck with that!

Guiding Light has an exciting event coming up on September 10th. It’s called “Guiding Light Super Saturday,” and it’s going to be at Paramount’s King’s Dominion in Richmond, VA. Most of the cast is going to be there, and there’s a lot of fun stuff planned for that day. I encourage you all to visit CBS.com for details. The more people that come, the merrier! It’d make a great, short weekend get-away. If any of you can join us, that’d be awesome! So check that out for sure.

Until next time, stay cool, and enjoy what’s left of the summer time!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I went home to Philadelphia for the weekend, Thursday through Saturday. It was great. I helped my mom clean out my bedroom and the basement, had a nice dinner with my dad, and got to hang out a little bit with my best friend, Sarah. My mom is preparing to move into a new house at the end of September. So before packing up, she wanted to clean out and organize as much as possible. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, to be honest. However, I ended up having a great time looking through boxes and trunks full of old stuff.

We found all of my old stuffed animals (of which there were many- as in, five or six garbage bags worth). I love stuffed animals, and we ended up hanging on to most of them because I’m so sentimentally attached to them. I found old school papers, tons of pictures, etc... I even found a diary I wrote when I was eight years old. In it I had written, "When I grow up I want to act on stage and play the piano." A few entries later I wrote, again, "I want to be experienced in acting." It’s great to look back on that now that I’m making that dream come true! It’s such a nice feeling. I’ve been really lucky.

One worrisome thought kept nagging me while I was home, and that was that my kitten was in the hospital. She started throwing up a lot, and had stopped eating. By the time the vet saw her, she was severely dehydrated and not doing well. I was so worried about her. But the vet called me on Saturday morning and said that May had done a complete 180, and was looking much better. Now she’s home, and acting like her normal crazy self again. Thank God. She’s such a little sweetie.

Jason and I went out for dim sum on Sunday afternoon. We met up with my friend Y.P. in Chinatown, and he took us to the Golden Bridge, where we stuffed ourselves with all kinds of yummy foods. Y.P. is a janitor at the "Guiding Light" studio, and has become somewhat of a father-figure to me. His daughter and I are the same age, so he feels very protective of me, just like I’m another daughter. Anyway, it was my first dim sum experience, and I really enjoyed it.

I’ve been watching "Guiding Light" every morning to see how all of our hard work a few weeks ago has turned out. It’s been really exciting. My character’s been kidnapped by a scary man (who, by the way, was played by one of the sweetest actors I’ve ever met, Ritchie Coster—after each scene was over, he’d apologize for being so mean!), and she’s been feeling torn between the good guy that she should love, and the cousin/lover who hurt her deeply in the past, but who she just can’t get over. Like I said, exciting stuff. It really makes me look forward to going to work. There’s always something interesting going on!

Speaking of which, it’s 10pm, and I’ve got work tomorrow. I better go memorize my lines!